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Bridge City Enneagram has been a passionate pursuit for many years. The hope is to offer a safe place for individuals to journey into the realm of self discovery in order to gain understanding towards living life more healthy and fulfilled. Utilizing the Enneagram, one can gain keen insight into how personal attention is drawn to find meaning and happiness from life. It is life giving for me to offer guidance and counseling to those that want to learn and grow in this way. Through our work together, you might learn patterns of behavior that may or may not serve you, the motivations that shape your actions & decisions, have access to your strengths, challenges and grow in awareness of blind spots that need to be addressed. Each of us have abilities and capacities that express who we are, the Enneagram helps illuminate all that one can become moving beyond the habitual patterns that keep us from being our healthiest self. 

Meet Heather

Heather Mitchell

B.S. / M.A. / LPC / LMHC 

Heather was introduced to the Enneagram over 15 years ago and eagerly became an active member of Enneagram Portland attending workshops, classes and was trained as a specialist through The Studio E Professionals Certification Course by Enneagram Portland. 

As a licensed therapist she values the art of self discovery and found the Enneagram to be the most holistic of resources to help a person grow emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Full time, Heather specializes in treating clients struggling with trauma, varying degrees of depression and anxiety, as well as grief and loss due to miscarriage or infertility. She loves the outdoors our beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer. On her time off you can find Heather hiking in the woods, paddling on a lake or reading by the ocean with her family. 


My mission is to help facilitate personal transformation and increase relational success utilizing the Enneagram. 


Whether on your own, with your partner or other family members, we can explore how your attention is drawn, seeking to create healthier patterns of living. Appointments are offered either in person at Heather's office in SE Portland or online via Telehealth at this time. 

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